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THE ABSOLUTE TOP feature of Platinum is of course the ability to develop successful trading strategies. This includes creating strategies, testing them, optimizing them, combining multiple strategies into a single basket/portfolio, and then auto-trading them. (All of these features require Platinum.)

One of our key personalization tools is called Back testing (Algorithmic Trading), which is a fluent process of writing, developing and analyzing trading strategies for performance and profitability – a tool that you simply must have to win in today's competitive market. As daunting as it may seem, we have taken back testing to a new and easier level. What are our secret weapons? TradeSense, which combines common English with basic math symbols and Precision Tick.

What separates us from our competitors is that we provide an easy-to-use environment for developing and trading even fairly advanced strategies. Our TradeSense language allows anyone to easily and quickly define the entry and exit rules (no need to hire an outside “programmer”).

Platinum’s strategy development:

  • Nobody should be trading without a clearly defined trading plan! Without a clearly defined trading plan, most people end up trading based on emotions – and things like fear, greed, insecurity often causes bad spur-of-the-moment decisions which gets in the way of good trading. But TradeNavigator® provides an intuitive environment for developing strategies, with easy-to-use editors to help you explicitly define each of your entry and exit rules.
  • Nobody should be trading an untested strategy! As certain as you might like to be about how good a specific trading idea sounds, you won’t really know for sure until that idea actually gets tested on real data. TradeNavigator® provides the ability to back-test your strategy over decades of historical data in order to provide a detailed analysis of the strategy’s performance.
  • Can you really afford to tediously follow multiple markets all day long and expect to manually trade all of your strategies without missing trades or making mistakes in the heat of the moment? TradeNavigator® Platinum provides the ability to automate your trading strategies, to run them on a machine with redundant power and internet connectivity, and the ability to remotely monitor them with alerts and status reports throughout the day while you go on with your normal daily life.
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