TradeNavigator® Options Navigator

Our patent pending technology allows for instant visual analysis of potential capped and uncapped risk and profits. Tap into unlimited strategies, market scans and filters that can be incorporated into your trading approach - right at your fingertips.

Stay ahead of the pack with Options Explorer

Easy to read, easy to use – select and trade a strategy or lets you customize your own with ease

Put the odds in your favor.

The Options Calculator provides everything you need to determine your chances of success, all at a glance.

The Options Calculator is a Monte Carlo analysis tool, which allows you to perform tests on the probability that an option trade will perform in a given way. Most frequently used to evaluate a trading system or method, the Calculator allows you to review your chances of success visually with risk/reward graphs. The Calculator tool is used on a single option contract and allows you to setup a price range and to calculate price change probabilities, based on a percent value of possibilities of closing above or below the defined price range.

All the power of the fluxcapacitor, minus the DeLorean.

Reviewing performance of complex options strategies is easy with the Time Machine.

Call it the flux capacitor of options trading, the Time Machine is a powerful backtesting tool, that allows you to step back in time, place a trade and watch day by day how your trade would have performed. Whether you’re testing a basic strategy or a complex four leg strategy, you’ll be able to run your strategy using actual historical market data to determine how your strategy would have performed. Review strategy performance, including net profit/loss, average profit/loss, open equity, win percentage and the number of winning and losing trades with the summary.

The first step is to recognize ...

Imagine identifing patterns in your trading and eliminating any triggers to cause bad trading decisions with simple and automatic journaling.

Often referred to as the most important book a trader could ever read, the ability to track and organize your trade history with ease is integrated into Options Explorer with the Journal feature. Make notes and post screen shots of your charts at the time your trade is executed, with notes organized by day, month and year. All journal entries can be classified as either pre-market, post-market or order notes, and can be reviewed as a group by note type. Search for past entries with Search All Notes or narrow your search by using date or note type criteria.

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