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Trade Navigator™ Gold

The Trade Navigator Gold has been by far our most popular charting tool. It combines years of experience and input from our well-known partners, and our clientele base as a whole.

This program is the direct result of user feedback and cooperation. Ultimately, it is a product of combined effort and decades of experience.

How does this help you? It will give you everything a trader needs based on actual market essentials. Almost everything has been thought of and implemented, but we are always creating new features and adding them via Free upgrades.

Among others features, Gold will give you:

  • The ability to automate data export into CSI, METASTOCK, CSV (EXCEL, etc.), and ASCII files.

  • The ability to create custom indicators based on math formulas or combinations of indicators.

  • The ability to create an unlimited amount of filter criteria. Search or scan for a variety of market conditions! (Silver version allows for five)

  • The ability to create an unlimited amount of chart templates. Save custom indicator combinations, colors, fonts and settings in general. (Silver version is limited to ten)

  • A maximum of 250 symbols on the Quote Board. Download up to 250 symbols with an automated updated every 10 Minutes. (Does not limit real time abilities - Silver version is limited to 25 symbols)

  • The ability to create custom Quote Board fields. The delayed and real time quotes can update custom market conditions alerting you to market changes of you choice. (Candlesticks, Indicators and Price Patterns)

  • The ability to create Custom highlighted bars to identify changing chart conditions. (Find candlestick patterns, over bought and over sold conditions, buying pressure, selling pressure and limitless combinations)
While the Gold has unmatched charting and analytical abilities, many may wish to take it even further. We are pleased to provide you with our "Genesis Step-Up" Plan! Trade with the Gold now, and as your needs and abilities grow - Upgrade! We will credit the purchase price of the Gold program toward an upgrade of The Trade Navigator Platinum at current pricing.

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Our most popular charting tool combines years of professional experience with the power to produce customized results.
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