Races are Never Won With A Ferrari Stuck in First Gear ... Take Your Trading into High Gear by Leveraging the Power of Trade Navigator now!

Onsite Seminar Videos
See what others said about the onsite training over the last 4 years.
  • Program your own profitable trading systems so that you don't have to depend on vendors ever again.
  • Enjoy frustration free trading.
  • Automate your entries so that you don't miss anymore.
  • Once in a trade, put the trade on autopilot so that you don't sabotage yourself.
Gain an unfair advantage over other traders who are still using cheap and free tools.
Be the one that shows up with a bazooka to a gun fight!
Fundamental Course
Foundation blocks for mastering the market through Trade Navigator.
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Advanced Course
Unlock the profits of your trading potential.
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Brilliancy Course
Strategically compete with hedge fund traders by utilizing Monte Carlo and other advanced research tools.
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