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Advanced Seasonal Cycles Plugin

Jam packed with tools and studies to help you confirm historic seasonal price patterns and cycles, the Advanced Seasonal Cycles library comes with 7 functions, 2 studies, 4 templates and 1 custom chart page.

Analysis of seasonal price patterns and tendencies helps you to confirm where buying and selling opportunities are likely to occur. Review past cycle trends or identify a current market cycle with easy to use tools. Display past cycles as a chart overlay while reviewing a current cycle trend or review past cycles in terms of percent change, ratio, bar number, composite and more. Filter trades, search for leverage, and find single or complex pattern cycles for any market you desire.

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  •  Put probabilities in your favor with over 40 years of historical data charted with multiple seasonal methods.
  •  Be on the correct side of the trend.
  •  Know in advance exactly when a market trends higher, lower or sideways.
  •  Take control of your trading plan now, and get more consistent winning results.
  •  Verify the effect of seasonal trends on any market.
  •  Use the seasonal library as a filter and then apply your favorite technical indicators and trading methods.
  •  Before committing precious capital, know the bias of the market.
  •  Increase your trading efficiency and accuracy.

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