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Advanced Traders Library I Plugin

Increased insight, proven techniques

The Advanced Traders Library I is a powerful compilation of 10 mechanical trading strategies that will give you more than just a starting point for strategy development. These strategies are designed to give increased insight into proven techniques - all formatted to fit seamlessly within your Trade Navigator.

10 strategies have been developed to maximize market efficiency and minimize risk. Gain efficiency using dependable techniques and reliable strategies that will perform time after time, with organized performance with minimal effort on your part. We’ve done all of the programming for you!

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  •  Witness trading concepts in action by applying strategies to your chart.
  •  Uncover new ways to augment an existing trading strategy to increase profits and limit loss.
  •  Run reports on any or all of the included strategies to review performance.
  •  Learn new ways to combine indicators and concepts to enhance strategy creation and trading skills.

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