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Alexander Elder Plugin

Reveal true market conditions with powerful market tracking tools.

By popular request, 9 templates, 8 highlight bars and 17 indicators combine to give you an exceptional set of trading tools based on the trading concepts of Alexander Elder. This library provides practical application of teachings from Elder’s world Renknown “Come into My Trading Room” and “Trading for a Living” books.

Easy to use templates can be applied to your chart with a click of your mouse. Hone your skills with new tools that plug right into your Trade Navigator software.

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  •  Identify turning points in any market by tying together three essential pieces of information —the direction of price movement, its extent and volume.
  •  Differentiate between sleepy, quiet periods and hot episodes when market crowds become excited.
  •  Quickly adapt your trading to the current environment.
  • Identify whether sellers or buyers are weaker.
  • Track volatility, along with price.

Delve into the work of Dr. Alexander Elder, as interpreted by Trade Navigator and put his ideas to use in your trading

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