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Daily Momentum Stock Selector Plugin

See through the market noise, pick the right trades.

Choosing between different trading strategies can be a difficult decision. When you investigate fundamentals, technicals and cash flow; many stocks do not stack up. You hear the news chatter trumping them up, even when their income levels do not look good. When share prices continue to rise, you wonder, where are they getting their momentum? Is there a measuring stick, an indicator or a sign of expectations that you should be using?

See quick improvements in your trading with this premier set of tools designed to help you analyze and select trades. The Daily Momentum Stock Selector combines 5 templates, 2 filters and 5 functions to help you see through the market noise to make good buying and selling decisions.

The tools available in the Daily Momentum Stock Selector can be applied to the following markets:

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  •  Stock.
  •  Futures
  • Forex

Don’t strike out when the market throws you a curve. Use these new tools out of the box or modify them to fit your existing strategy

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