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Laser Focus Filters Plugin

Maximize your chance for a Successful Portfolio!

Taking advantage of a fundamental 3 point scoring system to build your list with stocks that are financially strong and ready for trading, these stocks are more bang for the buck providing higher value with a lower price. Picking the strongest stocks fundamentally proves to maximize returns and with the pre-built filters, you will pinpoint the hottest stocks which maximize returns. Choosing the same stocks everyone else is using would still do well. But by picking the best stocks, profits are far more likely. Focus in on market setups to lock in exceptional timing for optimal trades. Being able to identify the best timing for setups is integral for consistent trading success. Combining this with proper exits, allow firing off at the right time on the chosen market setup to keep rewards higher and risks lower.

The Laser Focus library puts together the strengths of fundamental analysis and technical analysis on multiple time frames to better understand the markets you are trading. This allows you to easily focus on long and short term market directions.

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