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MVWAP Bands with Pivots Plugin

Know when an investment is favorable with a time tested benchmark of price.

MVWAP is the acronym for the Moving Volume Weighted Average Price, widely used by traders throughout the years as a benchmark of price. Strengthen your trading and realize the most optimal plan of attack, knowing when an investment is favorable or unfavorable. Use MVWAP as a means to determine the markets average trading price during a given period by taking into account both the price and the volume or number of shares being traded during the same period.

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  •  Confirm your trade is inline with price and volume
  •  Use MVWAP with tick, intraday or long term charts
  •  Confirm hidden support and resistance, when used in combination with standard deviation.
  •  Use MVWAP as a measure of efficiency of your trades.
  •  Discover points of liquidity.

With 5 templates, 1 chart page and 50 different indicators; the MVWAP with Pivots Library is overflowing with valuable tools for the stock, ETF or futures trader.