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Power Divergence Plugin

Master the power of divergences.

Being able to implement one’s strategy correctly when it comes to the price action, means being able to properly identify moments of market Divergence. As price and the indicators that are based upon them start to draw apart or move in contrasting directions, this is considered Divergence and can drastically impact trading outcomes. Divergence is often the sign of an up coming price change.

Combining Divergence with what you are doing is a wonderful way to get more out of your indicators when looking for indications of future price changes. Being consitently profitable means being able to pick the right strategy for the market price right now as opposed to picking based upon what is expected for the prices future direction.

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  •  Enter the markets with higher reward to risk ratios.
  •  Recognize divergence and increase profitability by being aware and protect profits or look for a high reward trade with very low risk.
  •  Manage your trades with better timing.
  •  Evaluate price momentum and know before the trend changes to understand when to get out of long or short positions to maximize your profits.
  •  Add a powerful tool to your trading without having to master Divergence as it is clearly identified for you.
  •  Find divergence in any time frame and market on various indicators such as MACD, RSI, Momentum or simply choose your own indicator for which you wish to find Divergence.

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