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The Seven Samurai Plugin

Trade the E-Mini S&P500 like a Samurai Warrior.

The 7 Samurai trading library embodies the 7 virtues of the samurai warrior, as applied to trading language. This collection of 7 ready to use E-mini S&P500 intraday trading strategies focuses on gap trading from the market open.

This powerful library of strategies contains everything you need, whether you want backtest an out of the box solution or the ability to customize, create and auto trade your own trading strategy. With open code, you can view all of the parameters of each strategy in detail. Strategy rules may be copied or modified, which may lead you to discover a set of unique trading rules.

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7 Samurai Virtues applied to trading -

  •  Gi (or Rectitude) - Stay ‘centered’ and keep your emotional ground. Don’t let market mood swings get to you.
  •  Yuki (or Courage) - Don’t take foolish chances. Wait for your moment to strike.
  •  Jin (or Benevolence) - Don’t try to force your will upon the market, or go against yourself. If you trust what you are using is a tested way to make money, stick with it.
  •  Rei (or Respect) - Multiple tools and techniques will often line up to show you the way. Basically respect the market and combine those tools and make sure most of them are all pointing in the same direction.
  •  Makoto (or Honesty) - Don’t be afraid to admit defeat (or that you may have lost the trade). Be honest with yourself and choose when to bow out. Depending on hope is not a great investment.
  •  Meiyo (or Honor) - If it looks like a win, then proceed. Conduct your trading with honor and glory. If it looks too dangerous, there’s no harm in staying out. There’s no reason for trading Bravado.
  •  Chugi (or Loyalty) - Remember to always practice in order to keep your skills sharp. Remember your loyalties, and don’t forget what got you to where you are today.

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