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Thomas Stridsman Plugin

Easily apply what you’ve learned about trading system measurement and design.

Maximize your swing trade opportunities with the ability to confirm signals with volume breakouts and reversals. Readers of Thomas Stridsman’s book, “Trading Systems That Work,” will have access to over 20 indicators, 5 templates and 3 Strategies based on the systems described in the book. A symbol group is also included for quick basket testing of multiple markets at one time. (It is recommended that you read or have read “Trading Systems That Work” before putting the library trading tools to work.)

Indicators, templates and strategies are pre-programmed in a ready to use format for review and application as you progress through the Stridsman’s book. Please note, the author uses the trading strategies outlined in the book as learning examples only. As a result, the strategies are not intended to be applied to real time trading.

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