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Trend Outlook Plugin

Get the right outlook on the market before placing a single trade.

Get instant access to 10 unique studies designed to help you determine market trends with the Trend Outlook library. Studies can be used on their own or in combination as a part of criteria and strategy rules in system development, or simply to serve as an example of how to create your own code.

Using the trends in this library will allow you to focus on perfecting your ideas without getting bogged down in the details of defining trends in a manner that a computer can understand. Designed with the sole purpose of showing you how to incorporate and identify many of the most commonly used and looked for market trends, the Trend Outlook library also includes open source code for a closer look at how the formulas associated with each of the studies and functions.

In addition to the 10 studies and 22 functions included in the Trend Outlook library, you’ll also have access to a template containing a large collection of indicators and highlight bars/boxes used to highlight trends, giving you all the tools you need to visually identify trends quickly.

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