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Volatility Breakout Plugin

Find market breakouts and ride the trend to greater profits.

Breakout trend trading is the most robust form of systematic trading that exists. For nearly a century, the most profitable traders have used a trading style focused on entering trades with minimal risk and riding out the trend for greater profits. The Volatility Breakout library includes 2 indicators and a strategy designed to find breakouts and ride the trend, while adhering to strict risk management principles

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  •  Trade the Volatility Breakout Strategy on any market (futures, forex, stocks) and any time frame
  •  Capitalize on dramatic market moves by riding the trend
  •  Minimize risk by entering the market at the right time
  •  Define volatile markets to protect precious capital
  •  Customize the strategy parameters, including range values and time period to meet your exact specifications
  •  Clearly defined entry points make knowing when to get into the market easier
  •  Take the guesswork out of when to buy and sell, by predicting volatility rather than price
  •  Use with minute, daily and tick bar chart time frames

The Volatility Breakout trading library is ideal for a beginning trader who enjoys fast moving markets and is committed to protecting capital and trading with long term success in mind.