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An Open Letter from our President

In business and in life, we have so many opportunities when we say YES. Saying YES isn't always easy. Often saying yes involves figuring out a way to be able how to say yes.

Genesis Financial Technologies and our flagship product, Trade Navigator, is here today in large part because we've created a culture of finding ways to say YES. We believe in the power of YES.

A brief story about how it all started ...

After graduating with a degree in chemical engineering and going to work in my chosen field, I met a broker who introduced me to Gann's trading methodology. I had been bitten by the trading and investing bug and immediately started researching W.D. Gann and countless other trading methodology books. In 1983, I started offering Gann charts as a part time endeavor in order to help pay for the costs of the computer I had purchased. Providing data to other early converts to the computerized world of trading followed soon after. Then, in December 1986 I was laid off from my job as a semiconductor engineer. I will never forget having to go home to my wife, then pregnant with our third child, to tell her the news and I’ll never forget the moment I realized I would never let someone else control my destiny again. I convinced my wife to take a chance on my idea, and I put to use my engineering background to continue to improve data and software to meet the standards I'd grown accustomed to in the engineering world. Genesis Financial Technologies was born, with a mission to provide quality financial data. (This is, of course, the abridged version of a much longer story)

Genesis gained a reputation with professional traders for offering clean data in an easy to use application. Over the years, I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting and working with some of the world's greatest traders. Often the conversation began with a trader saying "hey wouldn’t it be great if ..." and with very few exceptions, my response has always been, "Yes, we can do that!"

We branched out and began creating charting and analysis software with Backtesting (Algo-trading) capabilities. Today, hundreds of indicators are available, and dozens of studies have been created based on our work with trading greats. We began offering real-time data in 2003 and connected to our first broker partner in 2004.

As we began working with more and more traders, we were faced with the reality that we needed to be able to empower our customers to say "YES, I can do that." As you probably are well aware, traditional programming languages are incredibly difficult to learn and understand. Traders without programming knowledge had 2 options: learn to program or hire someone to program and hope they correctly interpret your goals. TradeSense®, the programming language within Trade Navigator, was created as a way to bridge the gap between English and other programming languages, thereby empowering the "average" trader to take ideas and concepts and put them to the test.

Our best ideas have come from traders just like you! We are able to offer outstanding (albeit ever-evolving) trading products because we believe in the power of YES.

Today, Genesis Financial Technologies is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO just a few miles from Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak.

We are dedicated programmers and technicians with a core focus on providing the best products and the best support. We don’t have a customer support policy, we believe Customers are the purpose of our business.

I encourage you to share your thoughts about your experience with Genesis and Trade Navigator, so that we can continue to grow and evolve to better serve you and all members of the trading community.

Good Trading,

Glen Larson
President, Genesis Financial Technologies

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