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A clear vision of possible future S&P500 market performance with Quick Sets.

Gain a significant trading edge in bull or bear markets with the Quick Sets S&P 500 trading library. The percentage of price oscillator and the introduction of the NYSErSI Indicator combine to bring you a unique ability to identify bullish and bearish divergence in the markets.

2 ready to use strategies, which focus on the NYSErSI indicator and percentage of price oscillator give you a running start toward S&P500 market analysis. Each strategy is fully customizable to meet your exact specifications and conditions.

NYSErSI Indicator -uses a smoothed RSI of the NYSE Advance/Decline index in its calculation. When combined on the chart with a smoothed RSI of price, some pretty powerful signals between the two indicators emerge.

Percentage of Change Oscillator -or PPO is based on the difference between two moving averages. By default, the chart template available in the Quick Sets library uses the difference between the 20 bar and the 60 bar moving averages.

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