Trade Navigator Manuals



QUICK START MANUAL|VIEW PDF|All Trade Navigator Platforms

Inside the Quick Start Manual: Changing symbols, downloading data, quote board, adding to the chart, drawing tools, chart templates and pages, Trader’s toolbox, creating and viewing a filter, trade console, instant replay, price ladder, trading from the chart, trading strategies on a chart and using the help system.

INDICATORS MANUAL|VIEW PDF|All Trade Navigator Platforms

Inside the Indicators Manual: Descriptions and uses for nearly 1oo indicators, a description of available studies, an explanation of the most commonly used highlight bars and an explanation of types of prices charts available on Trade Navigator.

FUNCTIONS MANUAL|VIEW PDF|Trade Navigator Gold & Platinum

Inside the Functions Manual: A guide to the provided functions within the Trade Navigator software offering descriptions of each function, inputs available for the functions, and a real-world usage example.

TRADESENSE® GUIDE|VIEW PDF|Trade Navigator Platinum

Inside the TradeSense® Guide: How to program using the TradeSense programming language, including an in-depth explanation of what and how to use functions and inputs – the backbone components of the TradeSense programming language.

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