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Robert Prechter

If you want to follow your markets with a super charting service for a really reasonable price, check out Trade Navigator. We love what the software does, and we love their customer service. I’m sure you will, too!!.

Andrea Unger

Trade Navigatoris an incredible software, I bought the Platinum version immediately after the first demo I attended and I’ve been using it now for several years, it makes developing systems easier and programming new strategies becomes a unique experience"

Brady Preston

I've been using Trade Navigator for several years, it makes developing systems an unbelievable breeze!

John Needham

Only Genesis provides accurate and timely data across all markets at a reasonable price and in an intuitive manner.

Markus Heitkoetter

I have been trading for 22 years, and I used many different software packages. Genesis is the most intuitive package I have seen, and I have recommended it to hundreds of traders.

Jens Rabe

Since I visited my first trading seminar 20 years ago, I have been using the Trade Navigator platform. I began using the software as a student and continue using it as an educator. I highly recommend Trade Navigator to all our clients.

Joe Ross

Genesis is the best software we have ever seen or used for researching and testing trading methods.

Brian Schad

The very best trading software money can buy, and the very best customer support you could ask for. Glen Larson's Trade Navigator team is truly the trader's best friend.
Peter Brandt

With "Trade Navigator" Trading Software has been a crucial component of our proprietary trading operations for nearly 20 years. We could not do what we do without Trade Navigator. Trade Navigator's customer service is second to none.

John Bollinger

Traders will cheer the versatility and power that Genesis Provides.

Robert Miner

I've been using Genesis data for 15 years. Best price and best service in the business.

- Dynamic Traders Group
Joe Duffy

Trade Navigator has been sent from heaven for people like me without great programming skills. For the first time I can test all my ideas without being stuck on the 'How to code it' part.

Robert Roy

Trade Navigator has been a primary charting service for me since 1999. It has an amazing charting engine, all the major technical indicators and a very simple and easy to use scanner system to help simplify candidate selection. Using the right tool for the job will cut hours off your analysis, make sure you have this tool in your toolbelt.

Jason Brown

Trade Navigator continues to deliver rock solid market data at sensible prices. The integration with our proprietary Market Profile analytics is seamless. Two palms in, traders!

John Person

For all aspects of my Trading, I use Genesis Software because of reliability, accuracy, support and extensive features.

Ken Wood

The easily customized charts in Trade Navigator are awesome, plus the auto-trading option is a dream come true for Woodies CCI Club students

Steve Nison

Trade Navigator is the ideal trading platform. This is why I chose them for the only candlestick recognition software personally designed by me.

Bennett McDowell

Trade Navigator is the only platform that can automate the Applied Reality Trading®, ART® software and the Platinum plan with Trade Navigator is fantastic, my clients rave about it and I do too!

Andrew Cardwell

Genesis Software and Trade Navigator are exactly what I have needed and I have been looking for a long time. I am glad I found them. You need to check them out.

Martin Rimes

As a visual trader, I find Trade Navigator an extremely user friendly and complete charting package for swing and day trading. Keeping an eye on fundamentals is easy too with seasonal studies and COT data placed on the chart with a click of the mouse.

Joe DiNapoli

This software offers an incredible array of features at a very affordable price. For the money, nothing can touch it!

Jeremy Whaley

Markay Latimer

Carley Garner

Jake Bernstein

Trade Navigator is the best software for traders out there...period!


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