Proven Strategies That Keep You Ahead of the Market

Super charge your strategy writing and development with 10 additional mechanical trading strategies. Add new concepts to your arsenal of strategy creation, pushing your trading skills to new levels. Each strategy is ready to perform, right out of the box, with the ability modify each to meet your individual needs.

  •  Isolate areas of interest with performance reports
  •  Complement your current trading strategies with elements of any of the Advanced Traders II mechanical strategies.
  •  Review equity curves by day, month, year – or even by profits returned per trade
  •  Easy entry techniques are pre-programmed and ready to use right out of the box.
  •  Accelerate your knowledge of TradeSense with strategies that

ATS II Coffee Surprise

This long only strategy looks for gap down days in the coffee market, entering at 25% of the true range. Exits include both a day after Stop loss and a profit exit.

ATS II Coup De Average

A 15 Minute intraday S&P strategy, Coup De Average uses the average true range to calculate market entry price. Exits used in this strategy are the generic market on close, allowing for stop loss exits to be enabled.

ATS II Dynamic Break

This Daily strategy introduces a pair of deviated moving average indicators called the ATS II Dynamic Upper and Lower Bands. When the market closes above the upper band, the strategy will enter a long position at the highest value over the last 20 bars. The short entry is simply reversed. The strategy includes multiple exit options.

ATS II 5 Minute Long Johns

This intraday S&P strategy is based on Overbought/Oversold market conditions as indicated by the %R indicator. As a default setting, long positions are taken when the %R crosses above 80 and a short position is taken when %R crosses below 20, though each can be customized to your exact specifications. Two exits are provided in this strategy, a standard stop loss and an end of day exit.

ATS II First 30 Minute Breakout

This 30 minute strategy incorporates breakouts into an intraday trading strategy, entering long positions only if the price crosses the high of the first bar of the day. Short entries are taken when the price crosses below the low of the bar.

ATS II Fond of Bonds

Designed as a learning tool for the beginning strategy writer, this simple bond strategy combines a bond entry rule with dollar stop loss and profit target exit rules.

ATS II RSI Divergence

A 30 minute intraday strategy, RSI Divergence is one of the most popular types of trading strategies, entering market positions when there is a divergence between the RSI and ADX

ATS II Trending Market

When you incorporate the adaptive moving average with an oscillator (RSI) for confirmation, the result is a trending daily market strategy.

ATS II Bonds 25X25

Developed by Chuck Lebeau, this trend following strategy trades only markets in which a strong trend has been established. A combination of the ADX and RSI indicators are used to establish the trend

ATS II A Day Trading Shorty

Using the ADX as confirmation for a gap open above the high, this strategy is a great example of techniques used in many popular day trading strategies. Multiple exit rules are provided, including dollar profit target, dollar stop loss, range stop, and a day after stop loss.

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