Proven Strategies That Keep You Ahead of the Market

The Batter Up II library expands on the collection from the original Batter Up library, with 8 new Highlight patterns, 5 Criteria, 2 Filters and 3 new strategies.

This library is designed to take the beginner trader to the next level of strategy development, with more advanced techniques

  •  Use criteria and filters to scan the markets for potential buy and sell setups.
  •  Identify trading opportunities based on volume, moving average, momentum and price movements.
  • Get in with the current momentum, with range buy and sell signals.
  • Review historical performance of 3 new built in strategies.

Don’t strike out when the market throws you a curve. Use these new tools out of the box or modify them to fit your existing strategy

One 80’s Strategy

A short term trend reversal strategy, One 80’s takes trades in the direction of the underlying trend. Long trades are entered “x” number of ticks above the current high once the One 80’s BuyLook pattern is identified and short trades are taken based on opposite criteria. One 8o’s uses tight stop losses and profit trailing stops.

Quiet Explosions Strategy

Quiet explosions are fairly rare, but tend to be profitable when they occur. This strategy buys at 1/8 of a point above the current high after a Quiet Explosive Buy signal is identified, while short positions are taken 1/8 of a point below the current low after a Quiet Explosive Sell signal is identified. This is a low risk strategy with exits based on either low or high values and will also exit when a desired profit is reached.

Range Benchmark Strategy

Get in with the current momentum with this, primarily short term profit taking strategy. Range Benchmark enters the market long at 1/8 of a point above the current bars high when a Range Benchmark buy signal is identified and sells when the reverse is true. Exits are placed at the entry bar’s close for both sides (long and short). This is another strategy with tight risk controls and good profit potential.

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