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Candlestick signals hold an immense amount of information in their formations. Used for centuries, Japanese rice traders have made fortunes by recognizing reoccurring patterns in investor sentiment with candlestick signals.

Add new highlight bar patterns, criteria and used by some of the world’s most successful traders.Candlesticks offer a wider range of information than traditional bar charts, making them very useful in selecting entry and exit points.

Quite possibly the most complete set of Candlestick trading tools available, this library combines 9 criteria with 35 candlestick indicators.

  •  Access to dozens of the most commonly used Candlestick patterns with just a few clicks
  •  Visual cues make understanding price movement easier
  • Give emphasis to the relationship between the closing and opening price.
  • Quickly identify different types of price action.
  • Predict reversals or a continuation of the current trend.
  • Filter and find any market setup with the current candle pattern.
  • Use candle patterns to build specific mechanical trading strategies.
  • View and modify any of the Candlestick patterns to meet your exact specifications.

Eastern and Western trading methods combine with the addition of support and resistance to the Candles Library. Make better trading decisions when you know what the next bar will likely bring.

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