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Mechanical Backtesting of a trading idea is a great way to validate research and strategy ideas. The Highlight Bar Reporter allows you test your ideas using the highlight bars you have created before putting them to use in your strategy.

Quite possibly the most underutilized tool available in Trade Navigator, The Highlight Bar reporter gives you the ability to test individual highlight bar signals to determine how each would perform based on market position, number of days held and more. The Highlight Bar Reporter helps to take the guesswork out of when to exit positions.

Review optimizer style reports of each test, with the ability to pull up the individual performance reports or view details as a chart. Check winning percentages, details of the average trade and more. With easy to use settings, turn on the criteria that matters most.

  •  Create and test any bar pattern.
  •  No programming needed.
  •  Use the Highlight Bar Reporter in any timeframe.
  •  Performance review allows you to find optimal trading opportunities, and eliminate some of the bad opportunities.
  •  Find out whether the market tends to follow the pattern you’ve created with big or small moves.
  •  Determine whether a period of drawdown tends to occur following the pattern you’ve created.

Highlight Bar Reporter

Review performance in an easy to read report, including details about overall profits and number of trades. Examine risk vs. reward with details about win percentage, payout ratio, return and maximum intraday and closed position drawdowns. Performance can be further broken down and reviewed by winning and losing trades, giving you the complete picture on how each trade contributes to overall performance.

Review the details of any performance as a chart, allowing you to visualize the results of any pattern you create.

Validate research and strategy ideas. Test any idea using the highlight bars you’ve created before investing your hard earned trading capital.

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