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Speed your progress from novice to experienced trader with the Perry Kaufman trading library. Based on Kauffman’s methods, you’ll gain efficiency using dependable techniques and reliable strategies that will perform time after time. Whether you test and use the studies as they are, or you modify them to meet your needs, Perry Kaufman’s Market Movement Library will enhance your market analysis capabilities.

Perry J. Kaufman is a market strategist known for his knowledge and experience in computer-based trading systems applied to world futures and financial markets. His publication, "Trading Systems and Methods" has become the technician's required reference.

For more than twenty five years, traders have turned to Kaufman’s classic “Trading Systems and Methods” for complete information about the most successful indicators, programs, algorithms, and systems. The studies included in this library were designed around Perry Kaufman’s market movement pattern recognition research. You are encouraged to read Chapter 15 of Perry Kaufman’s book for a comprehensive description of these studies.

  •  Gain a valuable understanding of movement pattern recognition.
  •  Use templates for instant visual confirmation of market movement patterns.
  •  Apply one or more of the available studies to an existing chart for endless analysis possibilities.
  •  Identify possible entry and exit points with easily identifiable highlight markers.

4 templates, 25 studies and 14 functions combine to offer you a great starting point in understanding Kaufman’s trading methods.

Perry Kaufman Continued Trend Pattern Template Layout

Green and red arrows are displayed on the chart, along with histogram indicators which indicate the percent chance that the next bar’s open or close will be greater (green) or less than (red) the current bar’s open or close.

An upward reversal day, displayed in this chart is a new low that will be followed by a higher close.

Upward reversals help to identify important signs of change in market direction. It is very likely to see a reversal day right after a long up trend in the market or peak in volatility.

Evaluate weekday trading patterns, using the logic of Perry Kaufman, using “X” and “O” to symbolize upward or downward market moves.

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