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Pivot points continue to rank among the top trading tools of the world’s greatest traders, because of their predictive capabilities. Originally used by floor traders, pivot points provide advanced signaling of potential new market highs or lows within a given timeframe. Using the previous day to calculate potential turning points for the current day, pivot points give you the ability to forecast market direction and sentiment.

  •  Use pivot points like support and resistance to repeatedly test price levels.
  •  Avoid unnecessary risk, while uncovering trading opportunities
  •  Combine pivot points with your current trading method to confirm your trades.
  •  Forecast market direction and sentiment.

The Pivot Point Library offers daily, weekly and monthly strategies in combination with 3 templates and 5 functions, making the selection of entry and exit points a much easier task.

Display pivot points for daily, weekly and monthly timeframes simultaneously to reveal how all of the pivot time frames have coincided with the market.

Pivot Points make it simple to know which way the market is likely headed for the day, based upon the activity of previous days.

The basic design of the Pivot Point Strategy is such that if the low of the bar is below support by set number of ticks, we’ll look to buy the market if we break above it by the same number of ticks, while doing the opposite in a sell situation.

The design of the strategy holds true regardless of time frame. Strategies can be modified and copies of strategies made to preserve the original settings.

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