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Identify long term market trends and possible turning points with a collection of templates, strategy and indicators designed around the long term trading techniques found in Martin Pring’s book, “The Successful Investor’s Guide to Spotting Investment Trends and Turning Points Technical Analysis Explained,” which focuses on Ian S. Notley’s method of trend analysis based on the comparison of various market cycles using the rate of change indicators.

With practical application of the trend analysis techniques of Ian S. Notley already programmed, plug in the Rate of Change library and get started.

  •  Quickly identify cycles and directional change.
  •  Spot investment trends and turning points.
  •  Confirm trades with Rate of Change functions.
  •  Market structure analysis allows for long or short position setups.

This is not a library for the short term trader, and the Rate of Change strategy does not take a lot of trades. If you’re interested in entering a position and holding it until the trend reverses, this library is for you.

Notley Rate of Change Template Explained

Pane 1 - contains The Long Term Known Sure Thing long and the Long Term Known Sure Thing Short highlight bars as well as a 26 bar Exponential MA

Pane 2 - contains a 9 bar Rate of Change with a 6 bar simple MA of the Rate of Change.

Pane 3 - contains a 12 bar Rate of Change with a 6

Market analysis contains 3 branches; sentiment, flow of funds and market structure analysis. Rate of change is included as part of market structure analysis. Trends can be considered directional movement of a market’s value (Price) over a period of time. The markets have long term cycles, intermediate cycles and short term cycles. The basic tenant of this library is to identify these various market cycles and help traders identify possible market directional change.

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