Proven Strategies That Keep You Ahead of the Market

Find more profitable trading opportunities when you apply Advanced Techniques to your daily trading. With 16 indicators, 1 study, 2 complete strategies and 4 chart templates, you will be able to enhance your trading and analysis in a variety of ways.

Use indicators to quickly identify bull and bear pressure in any market. Apply the Congestion Indicator to any breakout strategy to verify periods of time when the market is not making any significant moves up or down, or use the Investor’s Trend Indicator to help you define support and resistance using a weighted 21 bar moving average of the average true range. The Pressure Measure Indicator is another valuable indicator, helpful in revealing accumulation and distribution pressures in the market.

The Trader’s Advanced Techniques Library combines many of our best ideas and techniques to create strategies that work.

Bull and Bear Fear Strategy

This intraday breakout trading strategy was designed around the Bull/Bear Fear highlight bar patterns and Bull/Bear Fear bands, which buys & sells when the current close is above/below the bands. Standard trailing stops and exit with profit orders are used to offset open positions.

Real Big Fish Strategy

This daily trading strategy bases buy and sell signals on the TAT Big Fish Buy OK and TAT Big Fish Sell OK patterns as well as a current close value being greater than (buy) or less than (sell) the low of the two bars before the big fish pattern presented itself. The exits used in this trading strategy include exits with profit, and dollar stop losses

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