Proven Strategies That Keep You Ahead of the Market

Trade Secrets of the Masters is your ultimate foundation for trading strategy development, with 10 strategies designed to showcase the features and functionality of Trade Navigator Platinum.

Save valuable time, by learning to optimize and alter this diverse collection of prebuilt trading strategies based on a variety of successful traders and their most reliable, market tested techniques.

10 open source trading strategies give you the ultimate TradeSense foundation. Each rule is fully visible and can be adjusted and manipulated to your specifications. Gain efficiency using dependable techniques and reliable, organized performance.

Benefit from the experience, knowledge and insight of some of the most successful traders in the world with Trade Secrets of the Masters. Own the tools the professionals use.

5 Avg. Strategy

This simple daily reversal strategy was designed to guide the new strategy writer through the process of using some of the more powerful features of Trade Navigator Platinum. Both rules used in the 5 Avg. strategy display how the operators in TradeSense work, as well as how to use variables for strategy optimization.

EZ Bonder Strategy

The EZ Bonder strategy is a complete daily bond trading strategy. This strategy buys on a stop at the current close plus a percent of the current range, while the opposite is true for short trades. Several exit strategies, including money management stops and all of the old standards such as trailing stops, breakeven stops, and dollar profit targets are available in this strategy.

Japanese Yen Strategy

This David Fox strategy buys when the close is greater than the highest high of a set number of bars. Several exits are available for added versatility, including the breakeven stop, profit/risk percentage stop, dollar profit target, and trailing stop as a percentage.

My Long Term Trend Rider Strategy

This daily S&P500 strategy will buy based on the position of the current close price in relation to its moving average. The strategy also takes short positions based on the above criteria. My Long Term Trend Rider includes dollar stop loss, dollar profit targets, and trailing stops.

Pathfinder Currency Strategy

Nelson Freeberg’s strategy utilizes the moving averages of 6, 9, and 18 bars of market 1, but also references T-Bonds. The exits in this strategy include a special Pathfinder stop loss rule, in addition to other exits.

Pound Trader Strategy

This Cynthia Kase strategy buys at the highest high value of a time period, plus a full point move when the smoothed SMA crosses above another smoothed SMA of the closes. It shorts the market when opposite conditions exist

This simple strategy buys when the current close value is greater than the highest high of a certain amount of time. The strategy sells the market when the close is less than the lowest low of a certain amount of time.

Wagner31 Strategy

This strategy buys at the current close plus a full point move after 4 up closes. The strategy sells the market at the current close plus a full point move after 4 down closes.

Williams19 Strategy

The Williams19 Strategy buys at the highest projected high plus a full point move, and sells at the lowest projected low minus a full point move.

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