Proven Strategies That Keep You Ahead of the Market

9 proven trading strategies combine to bring you distinctive trading concepts with a wide range of techniques, as created by George Pruitt for Futures Truth Magazine. With easy to learn strategies, you’ll be able to customize each strategy to meet your exact specifications.

Develop backtesting and analysis on a single strategy or backtest all 9 strategies simultaneously. Check out each

Bias Cross Strategy

This simple daily strategy consists of long entries that buy at the next bar high when the ADX is greater than 15 and there is a moving average crossover. The only exits that are included are the special exits with ADX rules

Average Channel Strategy

The Average Channel Strategy consists of two entry rules and two exit rules. The strategy enters a long position at the highest moving average channel in the past 20 bars of data. It enters a short position at the lowest moving average channel value in the past 20 bars. The two exits are based on the high and low of the last 40 bars

Bollinger Band Trading Strategy

The Bollinger Band Trading Strategy is a great strategy for those who would like to learn more about the Bollinger Bands and how they work. This strategy also has two unique and profitable exits included.

Buy Low Sell High Strategy

This contrarian strategy uses the current price in correlation to the Bollinger Band, this strategy buys at new lows and sells at new highs.

King Keltner Strategy

This simple strategy is a great example of how to use the Keltner Bands within your trading strategy. Once the trend is established by using moving average crossovers, this strategy takes a long position at the Keltner Lower band on a stop. For short positions, it simply reverses the long conditions above.

My Mom RSI Strategy

This daily strategy places long and short trades based on the momentum of a particular market. Once it establishes where the momentum is taking the market, it will also confirm it with the RSI oscillator. This strategy uses dollar stop losses and trailing stops.

Parabolic with CCI Strategy

This daily Euro FX strategy is based on the reversal principle that when the price crosses completely above a particular indicator, a long position may be considered. This strategy takes that idea one step further by using the corresponding CCI values in order to confirm the direction of the trade.

Seasonal Soybeans Strategy

This daily strategy uses seasons to judge when and at what price to place buy or sell orders in the soybean market. Mostly designed for position traders, this strategy works very well for patient traders, using the standard dollar profit targets and trailing stop exits.

Swinger Strategy

This daily strategy provides an example of how a strategy writer can use swing points within a strategy.

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