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Trade Navigator gives you the freedom to customize your charts any way you choose... but that doesn’t mean you have to start from a blank canvas. Choose from an impressive selection of advanced fully customizable, chart pattern recognition plugins.

Built to make market patterns easily recognizeable, and actionable. Each library plugin comes with it its own set of pre-made studies, templates, functions, or indicators to help get you started right away.

Because Trade Navigator’s plugins are so flexible, you’re never stuck with what’s just included in the library. Add new indicators or highlight bars, remove the ones you don’t want, modify functions or strategies. Using a template still lets you make a market strategy that’s 100% your own... you just get off the starting blocks a bit faster.

All plug-in libraries require Trade Navigator software and an active data plan.

Jam packed with tools and studies to help you confirm historic seasonal price patterns and cycles, the Advanced Seasonal Cycles library comes with 7 functions, 2 studies, 4 templates and 1 custom chart page.

The Advanced Traders Library I is a powerful compilation of 10 mechanical trading strategies that will give you more than just a starting point for strategy development. These strategies are designed to give increased insight into proven techniques

Super charge your strategy writing and development with 10 additional mechanical trading strategies. Add new concepts to your arsenal of strategy creation, pushing your trading skills to new levels. Each strategy is ready to perform.

By popular request, 9 templates, 8 highlight bars and 17 indicators combine to give you an exceptional set of trading tools based on the trading concepts of Alexander Elder.

This innovative library plugin gives you a start to finish set of trading tools that will take you from scanning to potential trades, identifying opportunities to trading.

The Batter Up II library expands on the collection from the original Batter Up library, with 8 new Highlight patterns, 5 Criteria, 2 Filters and 3 new strategies.

Designed in collaboration with John Bollinger for maximum flexibility, the potential of the Bollinger Bands Tool Kit is unlimited with tools that can be used on their own .

Candlestick signals hold an immense amount of information in their formations. Used for centuries, Japanese rice traders have made fortunes by recognizing reoccurring patterns in investor sentiment.

The great thing about many trends and cycles are that they generally repeat and have fairly well defined tops and bottoms. Sometimes though it is easy to get caught on the wrong side of the trend or cycle

Choosing between different trading strategies can be a difficult decision. When you investigate fundamentals, technicals and cash flow; many stocks do not stack up. You hear the news chatter trumping them up, even when their income levels do not look good.

The problem solvers of today’s world talk only of finding opportunity when you ‘think outside the box,’ but maybe it’s time to step back in. When you apply the battle tested trading techniques of Nicholas Darvas, you’ll find a new way to analyze and select stocks .

Fibonacci Pattern analysis can require a great deal of patience and calculating. Trade Navigator identifies and calculates the patterns, eliminating the guess work and saving hours of time spent trying to determine whether a current chart pattern adheres to the Fibonacci Patterns.

Mechanical Backtesting of a trading idea is a great way to validate research and strategy ideas. The Highlight Bar Reporter allows you test your ideas using the highlight bars you have created before putting them to use in your strategy.

Create a dominating effect on your charts to show trend direction, momentum and direct trading signals with the Ichimoku Cloud Library of templates, studies and indicators.

"All through time, people have basically acted and reacted the same way in the market as a result of: greed, fear, ignorance, and hope. That is why the numerical formations and patterns recur on a constant basis."

At Trading Educators they believe in simple concepts. They don't believe in extended periods of Backtesting, because markets change over time. They believe in watching the markets, and in trading what they see.

Taking advantage of a fundamental 3 point scoring system to build your list with stocks that are financially strong and ready for trading, these stocks are more bang.

Gain a better understanding of the nature of trend activity on an end of day, or intraday basis with the Moving Averages Heat Mapping Library.Reveal vital information regarding trend strength.

MVWAP is the acronym for the Moving Volume Weighted Average Price, widely used by traders throughout the years as a benchmark of price. Strengthen your trading and realize the most optimal plan of attack.

Speed your progress from novice to experienced trader with the Perry Kaufman trading library. Based on Kauffman’s methods, you’ll gain efficiency using dependable techniques and reliable strategies that will perform time after time.

Interested in Forex trading, but don’t know where to start? Why not look into some of the most popular Forex trading ideas around the industry. These ideas are popular for a reason, & they are now available to the platform to enhance your trading.

Pivot points continue to rank among the top trading tools of the world’s greatest traders, because of their predictive capabilities. Originally used by floor traders.

Gain more consistent results in any market with the planetary library of astrological tools. Designed to help you define planet positions and lunar cycles, this collection of functions, indicators .

*Requires Planetary I Library. Picking up where the Planetary Library left off, the Planetary 2 Library is a collection of preprogrammed functions and templates that are ready to use for planetary motion experiments.

Being able to implement one’s strategy correctly when it comes to the price action, means being able to properly identify moments of market Divergence.

Using indicators to help with trading decisions shouldn’t mean searching for and then writing the code needed to create the indicators.

With 2 complete trading strategies, 4 templates, 2 highlight bars and 10 indicators (including 3 oscillators).

Risk vs. reward is the defining element of a winning trading methodology. Use the probability band to define your likely reward in combination with high probability trading strategies for optimum results.

Gain a significant trading edge in bull or bear markets with the Quick Sets S&P 500 trading library. The percentage of price oscillator and the introduction of the NYSErSI Indicator combine to bring you a unique ability.

Identify long term market trends & possible turning points with a collection of templates, strategy & indicators designed around long term trading techniques found in Martin Pring’s book,The Successful Investor’s Guide to Spotting Investment.

Maximize gain and minimize your losses with instant notification of possible reversals in the market. With 6 popular reversal patterns.

Eliminate the guesswork of futures and stock selection, with the ability to filter over 10,000 symbols to find the very best trading opportunities.

The 7 Samurai trading library embodies the 7 virtues of the samurai warrior, as applied to trading language. This collection of 7 ready to use E-mini S&P500 intraday trading strategies focuses on gap trading from the market open.

Maximize your swing trade opportunities with the ability to confirm signals with volume breakouts and reversals.Readers of Thomas Stridsman’s book “Trading Systems That Work” will have access to over 20indicators.

Trade Secrets of the Masters is your ultimate foundation for trading strategy development, with 10 strategies designed to showcase the features and functionality of Trade Navigator Platinum.

Find more profitable trading opportunities when you apply Advanced Techniques to your daily trading. With 16 indicators, 1 study, 2 complete strategies and 4 chart templates, you will be able to enhance your trading and analysis in a variety of ways.

Get instant access to 10 unique studies designed to help you determine market trends with the Trend Outlook library. Studies can be used on their own or in combination as a part of criteria and strategy rules in system development.

Breakout trend trading is the most robust form of systematic trading that exists. For nearly a century, the most profitable traders have used a trading style focused on entering trades with minimal risk and riding out the trend for greater profits.

Adding 10 new trading strategies, 4 highlight bars and a new moving average indicator, Winning Strategies of the Masters II is a perfect extension to the Winning Trading Strategies library.

9 proven trading strategies combine to bring you distinctive trading concepts with a wide range of techniques, as created by George Pruitt for Futures Truth Magazine. With easy to learn strategies.

Minimize risk and identify trends with the Zone Trader library. With 8 highlight bar patterns, 3 indicators, 3 chart templates and 2 strategies, you will have all of the tools you need to identify safer trading times.

The Trade Navigator Trading Software comes jam packed with chart pattern recognition plugins to make market patterns easily recognizable, and actionable. Our array of over 40 advanced chart pattern recognition plugins have been developed to suit end-of-day stocks, options, and futures investors, as well as stocks, options, and futures day traders. Our chart pattern recognition plugins give you the edge you need in volatile markets to make your trades count.

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